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Nitz Community Center

An inclusive setting for recreation and socialization activities

We are dedicated to providing a 100% integrated socialization and recreation experience for our members. We utilize video games, board games, media platforms, and outside activities to have our members interact and enjoy themselves while visiting

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Upcoming Events

We will update the events section shortly with new upcoming events 


New hours of Operation

Monday- 3pm-8pm

Tues- noon to 6pm


Thurs- same as Tuesday

Friday- same as Monday


This is a Important Announcement  

The Nitz Community Center has relocated to Unit 216, 200 Middle County Rd, Middle Island NY 11953. Our new unit is completely updated and renovated to give our members a phenomenal environment for fun!!

COVID 19 rules and procedures 

Most of the members are fully vaccinated. Those members who are not vaccinated continue to wear a mask, and maintain social distancing for safety. 

Face Masks are required for entry into the Nitz Community Center if you are not vaccinated

Any Occupant that enters the premises of the building are advised to wash there hands with soap and water as often as they can to avoid contaminating any surface they may come into contact with. 

Employees Of The Nitz Community Center are to sanitize any entrance or exit of there facility every hour or so.

Any Further Regulation that is received will be added to this page. 

Check Back Often To See Any New Changes to these guidelines.

Program Offerings 

The Nitz Community Center offers activities such as video games, board games, social groups, special events, and outside activities to foster socialization and recreatioin 

Recreation includes board and video games, darts, crafts and artwork, wellness programs, basketball, special events and just hanging out. Community classes in art, wellness, video gaming, and other topics are also offered.

The Nitz Community Center is a 100% inclusive environment that fosters socialization and recreation center available to members who agree to the terms of membership agreement. 

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