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Nitz Community Center

Upcoming Recreational Events and Socialization Activities

We are dedicated to providing an avenue where people with all levels of abilities can develop and express self-determination as they take part in various recreational and socialization activities.

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We welcome all interested clients at Nitz Community Center in Middle Island, New York! Discover the activities at the Center. Take a community class. Check out membership.

Membership Policy

Membership, paid monthly, is required for those participating in daily activities at Nitz Community Center. There are two levels of membership.

Members can choose to pay check, cash or can arrange direct payment if the member has the ability to do so. Check out our new pricing criteria!

            • $50 per month — All members in this membership tier are allowed unlimited visits within the business hours,  this membership tier covers the socialization/ recreation facility/ and quiet gaming area  and all free events that NCC hosts! 
            • $100 per month — This membership tier includes unlimited visits within business hours access to the socialization/recreation facility/quiet gaming area and access to our health and wellness facility to enjoy exercise! 

The membership may be self-paid on a monthly basis.

Potential members may visit once without charge to determine that Nitz Community Center is a good fit.

Members may bring a guest. The payment for the guest is $15 payable at the time of each visit.

Monthly membership may be canceled at the end of any month. No refunds may be made for a portion of any month not used.

Membership questions should be directed to [email protected] or to 631-512-6157.

Community Classes

Nitz Community Center sponsors community classes and events that are open to the public (non-members). There is a separate charge for classes and events. For upcoming events please check the Calendar.

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